Thursday, January 1, 2015

Be Who You RRRRR

After Sailing all morning, we arrived at the entry into the bay which Saba Rock, Leverick Bay and the Bitter End Yacht Club share, at the Eastern End of Virgin Gorda, at the Eastern End of the British Virgin Islands. Although it would appear to be a distant outpost, we were joined by a huge number of boaters, including some ridiculous mega yachts, actually resembling small cruise ships, one with five huge masts which seemed completely and literally over the top.
At five we were at Saba Rock, which has an interesting past, and we watched the Tarpons get fed; although they have no teeth, they apparently don't bite but I wouldn't want to mess with one, they are up to 4 feet long. The entertainer was making jokes as he fed them, while surrounded by people on the dock and on dinghies, taking pictures with go pro cameras.
We left to catch the Pirate show given by Michaels 'Beans' Gardner. They had a contest for the longest blow on a conch and I won! a bottle of rum, for making it blow for 50 plus seconds, longer than the guy did it. Bob was quite pleased. I bought him a captain's cap and he looks quite commanding in it.
That's it from here; the only thing I would say is that Michael's Pirate Show, at the end, had a message for everyone to be who they RRRR.. Sounds like good advice. We hope to see some fireworks, which get sent off at Necker Island at midnight, if we make it; but for now, the best thing about today was having another day in paradise with Bob and the next best thing was talking to my Mom tonight, and being glad to have had such a good set of parents. It's a nice way to end a year. Best wishes, All of You!

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