Saturday, December 27, 2014

Finding Treasure and Letting Life Happen

Pretty funny that a trip over to Norman Island, where Robert Louis Stevenson placed the location for Treasure Island, should be the location for an identity crisis, but I think live-aboards have a lot of adjusting to do. Add to that the fact that my Dad is in a hospital, about to be moved permanently to a nursing home for late-stage Alzheimers, and you have a prime opportunity for us to need to examine our situation, i.e. what are we doing? And having a minor emotional blow-out.
We know that we are living la vida loca, or living our dream, or what-have-you. We are doing what, as a sailor/pirate entertainer that we met today, Michael Greene, called 'unplugging from society'. He lives on a concrete boat made in the 70's in Canada that resembles an old wooden sailing ship. He has a pirate's musical act he has worked up, and plays over on Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda, at the resort there. He told us that he writes and sings songs about people like us, who 'jump ship', except we are 'jumping land', or at least, 'jumping the mainland'. It's what he writes about and sings about in his show, which we plan to catch on Tuesday or Wednesday.
We meet so many interesting people when we show interest and talk to them; they give clues about how to deal with what comes up. Synchronicity is at work all over the planet.
Back to my point about examining what we are doing. It is not easy to live a dream and also be perfect at it, just as any other thing in life. While living the dream, you are subject to feeling many negative emotions: guilt, remorse, laziness, distractedness, alienation, etc. And our objectives while down here, which are to get really proficient at sailing and to make this possible for as long as possible, can get muddled in with a lot of other things, such as: do we need a car? Should we work and stay in Red Hook? Should we adjust our expectations? Should I go back and help the family?
We have a full life here, even when we are far away, even when it is spent imagining what life is like for others, elsewhere.
That's why it is so strange to go through all this on the back side of beyond. It is helpful to remember that living is sometimes done at a fast clip and you need to hang on and just let it take you down stream, or down island, or maybe just down the road apiece. Then you can figure things out after you have let life happen. Nobody has all the answers, is what I am saying, even people who have figured out how to evade cold weather and get their faces into some great sea breezes. We all still have stuff.

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