Monday, December 15, 2014

Dispatch from Maine

--It has been reported to me via Mom that Commodore Karen wishes me to not ramble and to talk more about what I am doing in every day living. I will try to focus on how we are making this work as a lifestyle for others to follow and visualize and that is good liven' (the name of a cafe on St. John run by a new friend Olivia) and that can still happen these days.
I do have to sit and write more but am off to catch the 8 am ferry to St. John to meet a woman I spoke to by phone who is famous on the island for her landscaping projects there, particularly some of the beautiful resorts on the North Side. I hope to enlist her support as a colleague.
I also spoke to my elder daughter Lily who I sent pictures to last night and am urging her to come (or, as they say here, come-come) to visit and stay on the boat. This would be right up her alley.
The larger subject of staying on course vs. changing courses is an allegory I hope to explore but it will have to wait. Right now it's time to make the ferry.

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