Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Loosen the Mooring Lines

Bob just learned that his job has turned into a lucrative enterprise and could be a permanent situation; no surprise there as he is so capable. I have plans underway as well, doing something that could keep me/us here, doing what we do, creatively. Our plans are not curtailed by this development as we are live-aboards looking for a way to fund our lifestyle, and it hasn't taken long to find some worthy venues.
We learned also that Bob could take his six-pk captain's lisence prep course and as he already has the necessary boating days to qualify for the Coast Guard's required 360 boat days, he could probably pass without trouble if he took the two week course in January. Then he would be able to take people on charters and that sort of thing. I have some, but not enough so it would take longer, but eventually I would also like to become a captain. In the meantime I have a job prospect that would take me back to the flora/fauna work that is my area of expertise. Surf and turf.
It is better to be balancing our options this way than to just hang out here as long-term vacationers; that can be done, but it gets old. We are either going to be cruisers and not stay long in any port or else we will find the right place to be and work with it. So far, it appears that this is a fair haven to reside in, for awhile, and we will see what becomes of this. So many places around here to travel to that living aboard makes possible.
We met a delightful Spanish family and they have two girls and a boy who wanted to learn about our adventures traveling, especially alongside the pods of dolphins. We are going to take a short cruise with them and they have promised sangria and paella. Sounds like a fair deal to us! It looks like we will be home for Christmas, if only in our dreams. Meanwhile, live is meant to be lived and lived fully every day. We hope that our discovery of a means to do this has encouraged other people to take a similar plunge. As it is said: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. That's rather extreme, but most people find a way to either play it safe or risk something and exercise a little faith. I prefer giving a little credit to the universe for working with us in the faith department. It just requires, for starters, that we loosen the mooring lines...

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