Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov. 1st

--Nov 1st
Halloween was scary for a bit, as we were tacking back and forth, trying to make headway. Our starboard tack didn't gain any distance so we had to get all we could off our port tack. Going into Bermuda, 2014, after some insurance companies wouldn't carry us because of bad history insuring to BDA. Luckily we are fully insured, and for a brief while in this long slog into port we made storm preparations by getting out our trisail and going over procedure; also I called Emma, left an email to let her know that she should keep the phone near her in the event of a call from the coast guard as she is our first contact.
Anne Lynch, Nick Nicholson, and Susan Genett were all in contact, helping us decide the course and to make ground contact in harbor.
 NOw we are heavily keeled as we have been all this trip just about; but I managed to get a pot pie into the oven. Last night I discovered that the coconut oil that had been living in the microwave above the oven had a loose jjar, which had leaked behind the oven and onto the floor, akin a royal slippery mess. Bob helped me some and we will have to leave the rest until we hit water that is safe to move around the boat in.

 at 11:35 am we are 17.2 miles to Bermuda, however we will have to tack back and forth so it will not be until 3pm to 4pm before we can get into the town cut
btw 200
long lat 32 39.719/64 36.589
waves 5 to 7
wind around 18
wind direction ssw

Cant wait to hit the White Horse Tavern and order a dark and stormy with my tired but high spirited crewmates.

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