Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oct 30

Since my last entry we have had an adventure or two: me our Captain, Tom Searles, on Friday, set sail on Saturday out of Falmouth, fueled Calypso up at Portland Harbor, met another boat, the Cimarron, Captained by Rick Smith and took off at 6pm making it to Sandwich Marina the next day, meeting Dennis McKay, our crew and his wife Sue, at mid-day, ate lunch at the Pilot House there, then went through the CC Canal, trying to go further but bobbing too heavily with low speed and turned in at Pocasset Harbor.
Next day, Sunday,  we had a lively ride to Cuttyhunk and waited out the 25 knot winds there.
Left, passing No Man's Land and our last look at land on Monday Oct 27, as we headed to Bermuda in lovely weather, seeing great  a great sunset and even a green flash. Tuesday we saw the Queen Mary 2 and other ships going into NY Harbor at evening time around 6 pm, and we have a video of me hailing them on the radio and receiving replies!
Dolphins with their youngsters were spotted the next day, Tuesday and flying fish and possibly tune as we hit a Gulf Stream Eddy and tried to stay West of it but once it got us it shot us Eastward, where we have been close hauled all night and today.
Last night, Wednesday evening was pretty put cloudier. A flying fish 6 inched jumped on board and the Captain threw it back in. Waves and winds were high, the sea rising, as we crossed the Gulf Stream and came out pretty quickly. The Robertson autopilot briefly gave out last night and we hove to, until Tom and Bob were able to let the jib out and get our course back on.
This morning, Thursday, we woke to being near our latitude setting but off to the East on longitude by about 50 nautical miles, and as we are going up to 5 nm an hour with our speed over ground, we don't plan to hit our next waypoint, with distance to destination (DTD) of 214 nm until Saturday.
It is a bright sunny day but no one slept too well; it became impossible to sleep in the vberth with all the bouncing so I took Dennis' berth on the port settee and he too the starboard side when he came in from his watch.
We have had good meals and digestion is good, stomachs are still strong and spirits are high, with some singing and joking again this morning with us all eating oatmeal and drinking coffee in the cockpit.


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