Saturday, November 29, 2014

This begins the official offshore blog!

This begins the official offshore blog! Having been reassured by my sister KK that she wanted to hear about our adventures, so she could live the dream vicariously, it is my duty to write. She said we could have fun 90% of the time and write about it 10%.
She is a most sensible sister and I will begin forthwith and phthalate.
Nothing is hasty here, actually. One possible exception is the rate of pouring painkillers at the Soggy Dollar Bar by Mic and other crew. This picture shows the crowd is is busy quenching: (once I learn how to post, save this idea).
 It is crammed with people of all stripes of bikini bathing suits, most look good, so figure this is a young crowd, except for their parents who trail behind, taking pictures.
This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. At Christmas, and New Years, it terms with hundreds of boats.
Already, the stern anchors thrown onto the beach are only a few feet from the water line, and the lack of blockage means people wade in or dinghy onto the beach, hence the name' Soggy' dollar.
More later, casting off.


  1. Ok so a few typos: it teems with people and nothing is hasty here.

  2. Posthaste not phthalate, I promise to edit; my misspells can't be passed off to being tipsy. Although I now can make a pretty good painkiller on board our vessel, I can boast of being entirely sober, something that is not a mean feat down here...