Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov 30 learning the ropes

There are many expressions that come directly from sailing. They will make good titles for pages, as apropos. Such as the one above. I am getting the hang of this but it is remarkable how the same things done on the same boat can seem more or less a big deal depending on the perspective of the moment. This is the part where repetition just has to be the order of the day. I do enjoy the new outlook on everything, and new appreciation for how much the nautical side of existence on this planet has shaped so much of the human conditioned reactions to things; for this I will just have to find examples, which will happen.
Yesterday, we went to Tobago and enjoyed snorkeling, and I got some amazing driftwood which will be a challenge to stow, as I want to make mobiles as I used to do in college as a hobby, and haven't done since. I have read my second cs Forrester book, I am for some reason, very interested in naval history. This area is rife with the most bloodthirsty happenings, which I will elaborate on later.
Also saw two dolphins and hope to figure out how to add pics of that. I got one where they were both jumping and one with a face, eyes, and blowhole. Not bad for an action shot!
Today we went to White Sand Bay and hung out with all the depraved party people until it got old watching people acting like they were having the time of their lives, but on show. Sometimes I want to retreat to the boat and just hang onto some privacy, even here in wonderland. I still feel extremely territorial, even though there is less of it to sit inside. My territorial imperative is still fully functional; I even watched a white heron that had been perched on the boat while we were away, as though he were being impertinent, but that's because he could have left a deposit which some swabby will have to clean off the deck.

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